Great solutions for great ideas

With our expert media selection we have the right products
for all your Large Format Printing applications.

The variety of Coala media includes both indoor and outdoor
substrates and ranges from paper, self adhesive products,
banners to textiles, wallpapers and many innovative products.
We can suggest the most suitable product for your need.
Coala selected media are great value for money, trouble-free and
matched to every kind of ink.

Our swatchbooks are designed to help you find the information
you need
to display the solutions to your customers.
Find the
ICC profiles you need
for the best results.



Discover all the unique benefits of Coala :


  • Excellent performance at value for money prices
  • User-friendly and matched to all popular ink types
  • Exceptional printing capabilities 
  • Ease of application 
  • Green credentials
  • Innovative products 
  • Textured and functional laminates
  • Easy-apply media to be applied and removed directly by the end-user
  • New WallDesign range