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Packaging Products

A specialist range of packaging products to ensure goods remain in perfect condition throughout production, transportation & supply chain.

Packaging Papers & Boards


From tissue paper, through to many types of Kraft and recycled card, our range meets all your needs.

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Cushioning & Voidfill


A huge range of polyethylene or paper-based packing and protection products

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Boxes & Pallets


A range of corrugated cardboard and plastic boxes for business cards through to more industrial uses.

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Tapes & Glue


A range of gummed and self-adhesive paper and filmatic tapes for sealing, masking and identification.

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Mail Room


A wide range of envelopes, tubes and mailing pockets your mailing room needs.

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packaging films


Stretch film, shrink films, pallet hoods and tubing films to help protect your products during transit and whilst in storage.

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Strapping & stapling


A range of products developed for hand and machine strapping, and the bundling of goods.

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Bags & sacks


A huge range of bags and sacks in paper and polyethylene for normal or industrial use.

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Protection against corrosion


We offer a variety of different methods for protecting metals against corrosion: barrier films, desiccants or VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors), to ensure your products are safe from the elements.

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Packaging Equipment


Packaging systems to assist in the erecting and closure of boxes, pallet stretch wrapping, applying shrink film, Strapping machines, sealing machines and others to help increase through-put in your warehouse.

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Hygiene Products


A range including soaps, papers and air fresheners for washrooms, workplaces and food service areas.

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