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A range including soaps, papers and air fresheners for washrooms, workplaces and food service areas

    Soap/Dispensers & Air Freshners (0 Products)

    Here you can find a range of soaps with accompanying dispensers. Air Fresheners can also be found in this section.

    Sub-families & Products

    Paper Towels & Dispensers (15 Products)

    Here, a large range of different paper towels can be found, along with their associated dispensers.

    Wipes, Cleaning Cloths & Dispensers (8 Products)

    A range of industrial wipes and associated dispensers

    Sub-families & Products

    Janitorial Supplies (1 Products)

    PGC Contracted Items

    Sturdy rubbish bags complete with closures, and manufactured from recycled LDPE sleeves.

    Sub-families & Products

    Toilet Tissue Papers & Dispensers (5 Products)

    A range of toilet tissues in standard packs and jumbo sizes for on-wall dispensers