A range of packaging films (also known as stretch wrap or stretch films) designed to hold goods securely on a pallet during transit.

Whenever selecting film, the following variables need to be taken into account.
Type of product – Stretch film type is dependent on what you are wrapping. Lighter, more fragile goods require a lower gauge of film to avoid being crushed.
Type of load – Determined by the weight of the load and the uniformity of its outside surface – in other words, how many protrusions are there?
Type of equipment – Do you have a machine or will it be done by hand?

And on top of that, there are two types of packaging film – cast or blown – and this is determined by their manufacturing processes. Both offer great benefits, but the choice of which to use should be based on your goals. See our individual products for further information.

    Hand Stretchfilms (31 Products)

    Handstretch film is used to wrap around pallets and secure loads for transportation - protecting, securing and offering tamper evidence. The film has an elastic memory which ensures that the load keeps securely held in transit.

    Available in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses.

    Machine Stretchfilms (18 Products)

    Machine stretch film is for use when you're looking for quick and easy high volume application in a production line environment - rather than going the manual route! It's suitable for a number of commercial applications, offering maximum effeciency, while minimising labour and packaging costs.

    Used to secure boxes, cartons and pallets for their onward journey, offering protection, tamper resistance and maximum load stability.

    Available in a range of thicknesses, lengths and widths.

    Pallet Films (4 Products)

    These strong pallet and tubing films are ideal for protecting the tops of pallets and for those 'difficult to wrap' items

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    Shrinkfilms (2 Products)

    Heat shrink wrap is made from plastic film which is wrapped around a product and subjected to heat, from a heat shrink gun or shrink machine. This causes the film to shrink tightly around the item. Heat shrink packaging has a number of applications from protecting items in transit to slick point of sale packaging, to securing pallet loads.

    Sub-families & Products