A wide range of quality envelopes, postal tubes, mailing bags, hardback envelopes and corrugated wraps to suit your mailroom, office and e-commerce requirements.

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, depths and colours to suit everyone's needs.

Protective Envelopes (134 Products)

Our range of postal bags, mailers and envelopes from world-famous brands like Jiffy, Sealed Air and Master’In remain unrivalled in terms of strength and performance.

We also provide polythene postal packaging bags and rigid envelopes to meet the needs of our customers.

All of which are ideal for use in your mailroom, office and e-commerce business and are designed to provide full protection from shocks, knocks and drops to a range of products including certificates, posters, clothing, jewellery, CDs and much more.

Available in a range of colours, shapes, sizes and depths.

Tubes (22 Products)

Postal tubes are perfect for sending posters, certificates, creative art brushes and other lightweight long rigid items that are delicate or in need of support, and are perfect for stopping creases and fold marks.

They are available as circular postal tubes or triangular postal tubes – both of which serve the same purpose of protecting your items, but the one you choose depends upon your ability to store your spare stock and if you are manually fulfilling or if they are going along a rolling conveyor line.

Triangular postal tubes, once constructed, offer additional security during transit as they will not roll around, which offers extra protection through the postal network. And they are provided flat-packed and in packs, making storage more efficient. Whereas circular tubes arrive already complete, with the addition of a plastic lid.

Available in a range of lengths and diameters.

Sub-families & Products

Wrap-Around (14 Products)

Book wraps, created to provide all round protection for a large variety of items. Constructed from cardboard with reinforced edges and strong corners, these book wraps minimise postage costs while providing maximum security. Available in a range of sizes.

Sub-families & Products

Media Packaging (2 Products)

Corrugated cardboard packaging for shipping. Easy to handle as the packaging comprises of one single piece of cardboard wrap - with self-adhesive closure and tear-off perforation.

Sub-families & Products

Packing-List (9 Products)

Self-adhesive document wallets are designed to offer a secure and cost-effective way to adhere invoices and delivery notes to deliveries.

Waterproof, and quick and easy to use, which makes them the preferred method of document securing for larger distribution departments and post rooms.

Available plain or with 'Documents Enclosed' clearly printed on the outside.

Suitable for use on corrugated and polythene packages alike. These plain wallets are completely clear and offer superior visibility.

Available in a range of sizes and pack quantities.