Boxes and pallets offer a secure solution for protecting, containing, stacking and moving a whole range of products safely for onward distribution and storage. They are ideal for every day, e-commerce and industrial use and are available in a range of styles, sizes, thickness and evolutions, to suit your differing needs - all from Antalis.

    Corrugated Boxes (71 Products)

    Corrugated cardboard boxes are packaging essentials and we offer a huge choice of thicknesses, fluting and formats to suit all requirements for manual or automated packing.

    Other Boxes (32 Products)

    Antalis are proud to offer a range of boxes, cases and cartons for myriad of uses. Designed for storing, containing, protecting, stacking and moving, there is a box suitable for you. Single or double-wall; corrugated, plastic or board; with or without lids; small through to simply huge, look no further!

    Storage Boxes (2 Products)

    A selection of boxes for storing and filing products for as long as you need to hold them - robust storage and easy handling.

    Sub-families & Products