A comprehensive range of cushioning and void fill materials including everything from corrugated rolls and bubble film to foam and loose fill chips. Whatever your need, we have the right solution to fill your voids and cushion your products which can be vulnerable to damage during delivery. It’s important to have the most effective ‘in the box’ padding to keep your items in perfect condition.

Paper Cushioning Systems (11 Products)

Paper is a versatile cushioning material and when used with ‘a system’ it really comes into a world of its own – not only because of its flexibility and durability but also its beautiful design and uniqueness.

Using robust kraft paper as a base, Geami WrapPak allows you to create great-looking, eco-friendly packaging that is also cost-effective, provides optimal protection for your items and is easy to use. The die cut kraft paper is combined with a tissue interleaf, allowing you to produce a beautiful gift-wrapped item, whilst maintaining its protection.

Whereas the PadPak cushioning converter is the perfect solution when you’re picking and packing smaller boxes on a workstation or for scenarios where high volumes of heavy cushioning are required. Multi-ply kraft paper is converted by the PadPak cushioning converter and filling system to form a protective pad directly around items, such as computer monitors, radiators, automotive parts and alike. The converter forms the paper into a protective, shock-absorbing pad, using a patented folding and stitching process.

Antalis offer a variety of systems for your use. Take a look.

Paper Void Fill Systems (3 Products)

Paper is a fabulous tool for stuffing, cushioning and protecting a variety of products. Paper void fill systems enable you to use this simple material and feed it into a box, carton or container easily to support and protect your products. Using a continuous feed of fan-folded sheets of kraft paper, the ‘system’ scrunches the paper into useable pieces that can be easily torn-off. Systems and fan-folded kraft paper consumables both available from Antalis.

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Air Cushioning and Void Fill Systems (24 Products)

Air cushion films are used to create cushions of air that can be used for effective void filling and cushioning between and around products. Supplied on a roll, an ‘air system’ will fill and seal the individual pockets ready for use. The recipient of the parcel can easily store and reuse the packaging or ‘pop’ the pockets for easy disposal. Available in a range of shapes and sizes.

Air Bubble Films (61 Products)

Air bubble film rolls are made using a range of small or large bubbles to create an economical, effective solution for void filling, interleaving, wrapping and cushioning. The bubble film uses a layer of barrier film that seals each air pocket, reducing air escape, giving lasting protection and performance. Suitable for heavy and lightweight items on longer storage or journey cycles. Available in a range of thicknesses and roll lengths.

Foam Cushioning Systems (0 Products)

Ideal for any fragile, high value or customer-sensitive items, Instapak foam cushioning offers high value protection for your high value items. The high density foam provides durable cushioning and blocking and bracing protection for heavier products.

Sub-families & Products