An extensive range of high quality boards in many different sizes and calliper’s, to suit many different applications

    Graphical Boards (314 Products)

    Cartons sérigraphiques et graphiques

    Our range of Graphical Boards have been carefully selected to provide the best possible solutions for many requirements, from food packaging to greeting cards.
    Digitally compatible grades can also be found here.

    Fine Boards (25 Products)

    These fine boards include premium colour ranges which are ideal for luxury packaging

    Sub-families & Products

    Display Boards (24 Products)

    An extensive range of White & Grey centred Display Boards suitable for Hanging Displays, POS, Displays, Showcards and Dump Bins.

    Sub-families & Products

    GreyBoards (32 Products)

    The greyboard range is a range of top quality solid graphic boards for premium packaging.

    Sub-families & Products

    Foam boards (9 Products)

    Assortiment schuimplaten

    Foam centred display boards offer a lightweight foam-core signage solution. Most commonly used for hanging signs, this product group is also ideal for both direct printing and mounting prints.

    Sub-families & Products