Papers and boards in a wide range of textures and colours for truly creative designs.

Business Stationery (568 Products)

The paper you use to carry your important business messages says as much about you as the words and pictures it conveys. That's why our range of Business Stationery products offer an innovative and contemporary selection of finishes, colours and watermarks and all are available with matching or complementary envelopes

Sub-families & Products

Metallics (70 Products)

Nothing will enhance your high quality marketing communications better than this range of metallics papers and boards.

Translucents (30 Products)

Translucents add interest and inspiration to high quality marketing communications through their range of finishes and colours. Use them in conjunction with Curious Metallics and the effect is even more spectacular.

Wove (662 Products)

Think Wove papers are uninspiring? Take a look at this range! Diverse finishes and modern colours have been developed to create just the right paper or board for your next communication, luxury packaging or greetings card - to name just a few of the many applications for this range.

Smooth (80 Products)

Smooth, elegant, extremely high quality papers to make any business communication catch the eye of the person receiving it