Xerox Premium digital carbonless paper is optimised for all digital printing. Printing multi part forms on-demand has never been easier, as one product does it all – helping you save money, increase flexibility and improve productivity. Create a wide variety of forms with digital print features including; barcodes, logos, sequential numbering, and any amount of variable data or personalisation. Available in single sheets or pre collated sets, Xerox Premium Digital carbonless is the perfect solution

    Single Sheets (33 Products)

    Xerox carbonless (or NCR, No Carbon Required) single sheets are perfect to create personalised invoices, receipts or records when multiple copies of a form are needed. These NCR single sheets are colour coded, to help position them in a pile according to their coating sides. Xerox carbonless paper CB top sheets are coated back (CB) with micro encapsulated ink or dye. Xerox carbonless paper CF bottom sheets, available in bold colours, are coated front (CF) with chemical clay. Xerox carbonless paper CFB middle sheets, painted in pastel tints, are positioned in-between and are coated on both sides, alternating the coating clay/ink (CFB). There is no limit to the number of single sheets that can be utilised: if e.g. a signature is requested on 5 different modules, the pile will need a top CB sheet, a CF sheet at the bottom and three CFB middle sheets. When a pressure is applied on the top form, ink and clay react across the stack to create a permanent mark identical to the original on each sheet. Xerox carbonless CF, CB and CFB single sheets are available in a choice of sizes, colours, thicknesses and optimised for all digital printing.

    Pre-Collated (12 Products)

    Xerox premium carbonless paper (also known as NCR, no carbon required paper) is perfect to create professional multi-part forms such as invoices, receipts, delivery notes. Easy to customise with bar codes, sequential numbering or logos - extremely cost-effective. The main benefit of using carbonless paper is that NCR sheets can replicate markings (e.g. a single signature) on multiple copies of a form simultaneously. Being pre-collated, it means that these Xerox carbonless sets have already been put together in the right sequence: a coated back sheet (called CB), containing micro-encapsulated ink at the top, and a chemical clay coated front sheet (CF) at the bottom. When a pressure is applied on the CB sheet, the capsules rupture, and the dye reacts with the clay on the CF below to create a permanent mark: the writing on the first sheet is replicated identical across. Intermediate sheets of carbonless paper with alternated coating ink/clay (called CFB) can also be utilised to extend the original marking on more than two forms. This range of Xerox Premium digital carbonless pre-collated paper, optimised for digital printing, is available in different sets/colours, sizes, thicknesses and collation types (reverse or straight).

    Perforated (2 Products)

    Xerox carbonless (or NCR, No Carbon Required) pre-perforated sheets are ideal for creating multiple copies of tear-out books such as delivery notes, time sheets, medical records. Very easy to customise with a logo or barcodes, these Xerox carbonless sheets are collated in sets, and already in the correct order to transfer a mark several times through them. Such order has always to be the same: a Xerox sheet coated back with ink at the top (CB), a Xerox carbonless paper coated front with clay at the bottom (CF) and - if more than two copies of a form are needed - middle sheets coated with clay/ink (CFB) in-between. The ink adheres on the reverse side of the previous sheet in a pile, therefore when for example a pressure is applied for a signature, a chemical reaction happens between the different coated surfaces and the marking is “carbon copied” from the top to the bottom of the stack. Optimised for digital printing and perfect runnability, these Xerox pre-perforated collated sheets are available in a choice of sets to obtain two or more copies.

    Xerox Carbonless Accessories (1 Products)

    This Xerox fan apart adhesive is the right tool for joining the Xerox carbonless single sheets together, and perfect to customise multi part sets. Very easy to apply with the supplied brush, its special formula allows not only a precise collation of various forms but also a clean separation of each sheet when needed. For an excellent and outstanding finish. Guaranteed with Xerox carbonless sheets only.