A range of laminate & mount films, for adding protection & finish to posters, POS, signs & graphic displays. For use on walls, floors & flat surfaces.

    Monomeric (34 Products)

    A range of monomeric laminates offering short term protection and finish to posters, POS, signs and displays. Available in a variety of finishes and suitable for application onto flat surfaces indoor and outdoors.

    Polymeric (20 Products)

    Polymeric laminates offering long term protection onto flat and curved surfaces in different finishes - Durable protection ideal for indoor & outdoor graphics

    Cast (7 Products)

    Cast laminates offer outstanding durable protection for advertising POS, posters & graphics designed for interior & exterior use . Highly conformable and can be applied onto uneven surfaces and deep corugations suitable for protecting vehicle graphics.

    Sub-families & Products

    Speciality Laminates (45 Products)

    A range of specialist laminates designed for protecting & finishing specialist applications onto windows, walls & floors

    Mount Film (15 Products)

    Pressure sensitive mount film, for the adhesion of graphics to flat surfaces such as boards, glass and acrylic