A range of Large Format Boards for presentation and POS, available in a wide variety of finishes, thicknesses and rigidity offering superior printing performance with, litho-offset, UV-digital, screen-printing and flexo technologies.

    Displayboard (35 Products)

    An extensive range of Display Boards suitable for interior Hanging Displays, POS, POP and Showcards

    Sub-families & Products

    Foam Board (17 Products)

    Our Foam centred display boards offer a lightweight foam-core solution for graphical display and signage.

    Graphical Board (15 Products)

    For all your graphical or packaging applications, we have the graphical board you need. Our extensive range includes all the types of boards, from solid bleached sulphate (SBS) grades to GC1 white backed and GC2 cream backed product offers, in one or two sided options. But also more specific boards like WLC, liner, Uncoated or digital boards. Take a look through the products listed here for a great choice of board solutions!

    Sub-families & Products

    Greyboard (23 Products)

    Antalis's greyboards are a range of top quality solid graphic boards for solid, high quality packaging, hard-cover books, backing boards, partitions and may other uses.

    Usually these boards are laminated with pre-printed material or often the attractive grey recycled look enhances the design.

    Sub-families & Products

    Corrugated (31 Products)

    Our wide range of corrugated boards are suitable for Printing POS and constructional packaging. Available in a variety of combinations. Corrugated Board is 40% lighter than a solid displayboard with greater structural strength than the same caliper board