Antalis offers a wide selection of creative papers with high green credentials. Not only are we offering 100% recycled papers like Conqueror or Rives, We also offer papers with alternative fibres like Conqueror Bamboo as well as upcycled papers like Refit that include by-product from the industry. For eco-concerned designers and customers, we are also introducing Carbon Neutral papers and boards and also a new range comitted to the planet, Olin Origins that will give back 1% of its sales revenue to environemental, non-profit, organizations.

This selection of premium papers and boards will not only add a distincitive look and feel to your print projects, but will also help you convinced demanding customers while ensuring you to have the least environmental impact.

Conqueror Laid 100% Recycled (0 Products)

Conqueror Laid, with its traditional ribbed texture originally created to guide handwriting, remains a timeless favourite for stationery and print.

Conqueror CX22 100% Recycled (0 Products)

Ultra-smooth and lustrous, Conqueror CX22’s low-friction surface produces a high-definition print result

Conqueror Wove 100% Recycled (0 Products)

Conqueror Wove couples superb, high-contrast matt printing performance with the warm touch of an authentic wove.

Opale Recycled (0 Products)

Envelopes to match, co-ordinate or complement the finish of Opale Recycled papers

Keaykolour 100% Recycled (0 Products)

Keaykolour 100% Recycled offers papers and boards in organic shades, made of 100% premium recycled post-consumer pulp.