A range of office accessories, including media rolls, invoicing paper and payslips.

    Pegasus Invoices (1 Products)

    Pegasus Invoices are a range of pre-printed forms compatible with Pegasus and Sage management software to create company invoices, statements and remittance advices. Easy to customise, the Pegasus Continuous Statement Pack is suitable for dot matrix printers.

    Pegasus Payslips (0 Products)

    Pegasus Payslips are a range of pre-printed forms easy to customise, perfect to create staff and contractor payslips using Pegasus and Sage management software. Compatible with Pegasus Capital, Opera and Opera II. Only suitable for laser printers: when printing, the heat from the laser printer will activate the glue. Simply fold the payslip and apply pressure to seal it.

    Fords Gold Medal (1 Products)

    Fords Gold Blotting paper offers superior quality