Sketchbooks (or sketch books as some people call them!) are the perfect tool to catch any inspirational moment and are great to give creativity a shape. Sketchbook’s pages are used to trial different drawing techniques, testing new combinations of colours or trying innovative brushes, patterns or textures. Sketchbooks are essential in the creativity process to give ideas a proper form. In primary and secondary schools, sketchbooks can be called visual diaries or ideas books but they are still a place where children explore their inventiveness and their artistic ideas.

    Rhino Sketchbooks (1 Products)

    Rhino sketchbooks (or sketch books like some people call them) are made of high-quality paper perfect to for innovative drawing techniques, experimenting with mixtures of colours, trying new brushes, or playing with patterns and textures. Rhino sketchbooks are perfect for all those moments of great creativity that need to be captured and shaped into a form. Also perfect for primary and secondary school use. Made of premium quality paper, printed using solvent-free, water-based inks. Environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable.