A choice of loose leaf papers suitable to refill ring binders, files or folders. With various combinations of pre-punched holes, these sheets can be easily added to binder folders or files with compatible loose leaf rings. The main benefit of using loose leaf papers (also known as refill pages) is that only the required sheets need to be inserted into files, binders and folders. Therefore, a file created for archiving purposes, can be easily updated by adding just the relevant pages, with the advantage that only the pertinent information will be held in one place. This stationery is cost-effective: it contains hundreds of loose sheets, and it is ideal for school and college use where loose leaf papers can be, for example, distributed to learners during activities as spare sheets for writing comments and exam use. Also suitable for office use, especially in meetings, where only a few pages are needed. Loose leaf papers are available in various sizes, quantities and page setups.

    Rhino Loose Leaf Paper (33 Products)

    A range of Rhino loose leaf papers with pre-punched holes. Perfect for writing notes and comments, Rhino loose leaf papers (or refill pages) can be written on both sides and then each sheet can be added to binder, folders or files with compatible loose leaf rings. These packs contain hundreds of spare sheets and they are very cost-effective for schools, colleges and offices or in general for all those working places where there are instances where it is much more convenient to use loose sheets rather than just few pages of a notepad. Also, an exam essential at those all-important times of the year. The Rhino loose leaf paper range is available in a choice of sizes, paper weights and page setups. Made of 100% recycled material.