Dry toner-based laser printing technology involves fusing dry toner into the surface of the paper using a 180° heated oven. The advantage of this technology is that it can print on a large majority of media. On the other hand, stability dimensional papers with a moisture content of more than 4.5% are at high risk of being modified with the consequence of a defect in marking between the front and the back. Polyethylene (PE) and Poplypropylene (PP) synthetic films are not compatible. Only Polyester films resist 180° toner fusion.

Conqueror CX22 Dry Toner (3 Products)

Conqueror CX22 Dry Toner is an extremely smooth and silky paper. Known for its reliability, where accurate images and good ink fixation are essential. Conqueror CX22 Dry Toner is made from the finest pulp to ensure that each sheet meets the highest quality standards. Thanks to Antalis' experience, our sales representatives will help you find the best solutions.

Conqueror Laid Digital (4 Products)

Since not all companies have the same needs, Antalis has a multitude of solutions for your communication needs. Laid is one of the most recognized finishes of the Conqueror family. The series of horizontal and vertical lines is reminiscent of the days when paper was made by hand. For your dry toner prints, discover the Conqueror Laid Dry Toner range specially designed for your everyday needs.

Conqueror Wove Digital (10 Products)

With Antalis, the specialist in printing solutions, you can find the perfect support for your colour or black and white prints. Conqueror Smooth is a rich, soft-touch paper renowned for its reliability. For your dry toner prints, discover the Conqueror range specially designed for your daily needs.

Curious Metallics Digital (12 Products)

Curious Metallics is an uncoated paper, cardboard and envelope with a metallic finish. Both sides of this sturdy paper shine in trendy colours, giving the print an extra effect.

Curious Skin Dry Toner (1 Products)

Curious Skin Dry Toner offers you the ability to combine the Curious Skin collection with a paper optimized for dry toner printing. Enjoy the satin look and sensual touch of this creative paper.