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Specialist Synthetic films for display applications

    Yupo FEB (6 Products)

    Yupo FEB is a durable synthetic which combines good tear and water resistance with excellent print characteristics. Suitable for interior and short-term exterior use. It also has wipe clean properties, and is suitable for indirect food contact applications.

    Tyvek Sheets (3 Products)

    Tyvek is a spun bonded polyolefin synthetic sheet. It is durable with high tear and puncture resistance, and significant structural integrity. The unique flexible properties of the product make it suitable for industrial applications requiring good conformability and strength.

    Polyart Standard (13 Products)

    Film synth├ętique - Polyart Digital

    Polyart for HP Indigo is a 2 side coated HDPE film for HP Indigo printing with full HP certification for sheet presses . The product has the following benefits :
    Water and tear resistant.

    Yupo Blue (7 Products)

    Yupo Blue is a synthetic paper which is waterproof and tear resistant, made specifically for and certified to run on the HP Indigo range of digital printers.