Materials for Dye sublimation

    Coala Textile Frontlit Knitted (1 Products)

    Coala Textile Frontlit Knitted is a 100% polyester warp-knitted fabric. Its special tight structure gives it a high opacity, even at a much lighter weight compared with other display textile fabric. Truly wrinkle free, it can recover quickly after foldings, making it easy for transportation. It offers a soft, smooth, good textile hand feel. It can be coated with dye-sub direct and dye-sub transfer printings. It offers also a good printing image with latex inks.

    Coala textile Black Back Knitted (2 Products)

    Coala Textile Black Back Knitted is a 100% warp-knitted polyester fabric with white surface and black acrylic coating backside that gives it full opacity for backdrop applications. Its slight stretch feature makes it perfect for frame and pop-up materials. It is compatible with dye-sub direct, dye-sub transfer printings and is also workable with UV and latex inks.

    Coala Textile Stretch (4 Products)

    Coala Textile Stretch is a 100% polyester knitted fabric with suitable stretch that ensures graphic dimensions stability. It offers ideal opacity and stretch for architectural and geometric applications, with great definition on all colours. Truly wrinke free, it can be folded in any direction, which makes it easy for transportation. It is compatible with dye transfer, dye direct and Latex inks.

    Coala Textile Flag (2 Products)

    Coala Textile Flag is a 100% polyester texturized warp knit fabric, semi-matte. It makes an excellent double sided effect after dye-sub printing.