Plotter vinyls suitable for flat panel short term applications

    Oracal 631 (17 Products)

    Logo Oracal

    80 micron Monomeric Plotter vinyl with a matt finish and removable adhesive. Designed to avoid reflections and maximise displays. Ideal for interior exhibitions and trade fairs.

    Oracal 641 (174 Products)

    Film Vinyle Electrostatique - Oracal 641

    75 micron Monomeric Plotter vinyl available in a gloss or matt finish, with a permanent adhesive. Suitable for short to medium term outdoor applications for up to 4 years on flat panel applications.

    Oracal 651 (180 Products)

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    70 micron special PVC Plotter vinyl available in gloss and matt colours with a permanent solvent adhesive. Ideal for short to medium term graphics.