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A range of laminates & mount film designed for specialist applications

Orafol Release Paper (1 Products)

One side siliconised release paper, based on white wood-free Kraft paper with high dimensional stability. Ideal for single side laminating where the print is more narrow than the film. Prevents adhesive transfer onto the bottom roller.

D/S2 Polypro (0 Products)

The Ritrama DS2 is a transparent double sided polyester adhesive film with a 12 micron permanent high tack adhesive. It does not shrink and has a 90g glassine backing paper on both sides, and a very good resistance to sunlight.

Drytac Protac Anti-Graffiti (1 Products)

20 micron high gloss polyester film with a solvent acrylic adhesive. Treated with anti-graffiti coating, this film wipes clean off spray paint, and provides a high degree of resistance to UV and pollutants.

Drytac Protac Anti-Scratch Matte UV (6 Products)

75 micron matt monomeric PVC laminate with a heavy coat weight of solvent acrylic adhesive compatible with UV inks. Additional UV inhibitors and a robust anti scratch surface provides additional exterior protection.

DRYTAC Protac Anti-Scratch Matte UV (6 Products)

Protac™ Anti-Scratch Matte is a 75μ (3 mil) anti-scratch matte finish, monomeric calendared PVC laminating film coated on one side with a high coat weight of pressure sensitive, solvent acrylic adhesive