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A range of laminates made from more environmentally friendly materials.

    Drytac Interlam Eco Gloss (1 Products)

    40 micron polypropylene gloss laminate with an aqueous acrylic adhesive. This film gives a reflective gloss finish and is resistant to moisture and fingerprints.

    Drytac Interlam Eco Tex (3 Products)

    140 micron pebble textured clear polypropylene with an aqueous acrylic adhesive. Pebble texture offers additional protection where extensive handling may be involved.

    Drytac Protac Canvastex (1 Products)

    Protac™ Canvastex is a 100μ (4 mil) canvas finish, monomeric calendared PVC laminating film coated on one side with a pressure sensitive, solvent acrylic adhesive Both the film and the adhesive contain UV stabilisers, which protect against both UV degradation and potential mechanical damage.