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Laminates & mount film designed to offer clarity and protection for window applications

    Windowtac (2 Products)

    23 micron visually clear polyester mount film coated on one side with a pressure sensitive removable aqueous adhesive, which is protected by an embossed release liner for air-free application.

    Drytac Viziprint Impress White SEL (1 Products)

    ViziPrint® Impress White SEL is a 125μ (5 mil) ultra white polyester film, coated with a proprietary silicone adhesion technology adhesive and protected by a clear one side siliconised release film.

    Drytac Viziprint Illuminate (1 Products)

    ViziPrint® Illuminate is a 140μ (5.5 mil) semi matte, reverse printable translucent PET film with proprietary adhesion technology for trouble-free installation of graphics on glass surfaces. It is easy to apply and leaves no residue behind during removal. The film’s bright white base colour and ability to diffuse light creates brighter, more vivid backlit images that have a much wider colour gamut.