A range of specialist vinyls suitable for the application onto walls and floors.

Coala Supertack (0 Products)

100 micron polymeric high-tack self-adhesive. Suitable for ‘hard to stick’ surfaces.

Coala Walk & Wall (1 Products)

Logo Coala

Coala Walk and Wall is a one part textured indoor floor graphic that does not require lamination.

Orajet 3268 Wallart (0 Products)

Orajet Wall Art Digital is a 150mic soft PVC film with a clear easily removable adhesive. Suitable for indoor wall applications.

Orajet 3628 Wallart (1 Products)

Orajet 3628 is an 80 mic monomeric vinyl suitable for application onto flat interior walls.

Orajet 3954 (0 Products)

Orajet 3954 Brickstone film is a 55 micron Cast conformable vinyl suitable for applying directly onto brick or concrete - the ideal solution for building front decorations.