Our Foam centred display boards offer a lightweight foam-core solution for graphical display and signage.

Kapa Color black/black (1 Products)

KAPA®color features two coloured cell carton surfaces with a primer finish on top

Kapa Fix 1 side (3 Products)

KAPA®fix 1 sided is a lightweight and easy-to-laminate foam board. KAPA®fix, with self-adhesive, one side and with aluminium reinforced liners

Kapa Line (6 Products)

KAPA®line is a lightweight foam board with high quality chromo substitute liners.

Kapa Mount (7 Products)

KAPA®mount is a light weight foam board with aluminium reinforced liners and chromo board cover layers.

Kapa Plast (1 Products)

KAPA®plast combines bright white plastic coated cover layers with a polyurethane foam core.