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PVC Espumado - Soportes rígidos sintéticos


A complete range of Foam rigid PVC's in a variety of densities suitable for interior and exterior applications

Foamalite Colours (5 Products)

Foamalite Colours is a standard density coloured PVC in smooth matt finish, available in a variety of colours, sizes and calipers

Foamalite Premium (0 Products)

Foamalite Premium is a high standard density foam PVC with an ultra white shade and smooth matt finish. Foamalite Premium can be fabricated mechanically without any problem and can also be thermoformed for 3-dimensional applications.

Foamalite Xpress (27 Products)

Foamalight Xpress is a lightweight foam PVC with an ultra white shade and a smooth matt finish. Available in all the popular sizes and callipers with a choice of Filmed or Unfilmed.

Forex Print (14 Products)

Forex Print - Soportes rígidos sintéticos

Forex Print sheet material is specially designed for flat applications including sign-making and advertising for short-term and medium-term use. Forex Print provides the base for perfect print solutions and is the ultimate UV printable board.

Stadur Viscom Easyprint (7 Products)

Stadur’s VISCOM SIGN EASYPRINT is light, rigid, PVC free, foam board, suitable for interior and exterior use. Comprising of Stadurlon (non pvc) sheets on both sides, easyprint is optimised for digital printing and finishing, it can be bent and folded without breaking. Milling V-shaped grooves enable the foam board to be easily foldable by hand, while milling slot grooves, allows various geometrical shapes to be generated, giving free-reign to creative design options.