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This brand is rated with no stars in the Green Star System. The wood fibre used originates from legally harvested forests, and the manufacturer is not operating an environmental management system certified to either the ISO14001 or EU Ecolabel standard, to learn more, click on logo. COLORVOID

Colorvoid labels are simple, but effective tamper evident labels. They are available in blue imprint (for white backgrounds), and white imprint (for dark backgrounds). They can be over-printed with a laser printer, using Avery template reference L6114 in Word, Avery A4/5, or they can also be used unprinted.

Key Features
• 27 Individual labels on an A4 sheet
• Available with a blue or white background suitable to go on dark coloured packaging
• Excellent lay-flat properties
• Ready for laser personalisation
• Can be used as brand protection, tamper evident seals or validation devices

End of life

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Security Deposit Label 27up Blue (100) 007r91292 Pack 1 63.5 X 29.6mm

£ 2,723.00
/1000 Sheet(s)


Xerox Colourvoid Label 27up White 007r91291 Pack 100

£ 2,723.00
/1000 Sheet(s)

End of life