Xerox security products offer simple, but effective solutions in two security sensitive areas of tamper evidence and PIN identification.

    Colorvoid (2 Products)

    Colorvoid labels are simple, but effective tamper evident labels. They are available in blue imprint (for white backgrounds), and white imprint (for dark backgrounds). They can be over-printed with a laser printer, using Avery template reference L6114 in Word, Avery A4/5, or they can also be used unprinted.

    PINTab (0 Products)


    This is a patch, or label that reveals a PIN when it is separated from its background letter. It is applied to a plain or pre-printed sheet of paper to form a finished document or mailer, that is then ready for laser printing. The finished mailer allows a letter and ‘secure data’ to be laser printed simultaneously, whilst keeping the secure information on the surface of the PINTab hidden from view. This is achieved by using a special security font supplied free of charge to all PINTab clients and users.

    The plain version can be used for either trialling the product prior to a bespoke design of PIN, or can be used for less security sensitive applications.