Xerox Colour Impressions Gloss (9 Products)

    A two sided coated paper ideal for production colour printing. The paper has a high gloss, ultra-smooth surface with a high level of whiteness. It is also FSC Certified.

    Novatech Digital Gloss (18 Products)

    Novatech Digital Gloss is a high gloss, FSC certified coated paper, that can be used on all digital presses. Using this paper enables perfect colour reproduction of all your documents with high iconographic content.

    Xerox Colotech+ Gloss (19 Products)

    A two sided coated paper with an ultra-smooth, high gloss surface. The bright white shade gives enhanced image sharpness and colour brilliance. This product is the ultimate print media for digital colour printers, and is also FSC Certified.

    Xerox Colotech+ Supergloss (2 Products)

    Colotech+ Supergloss is a one-side cast coated, ultra high gloss paper, optimised for use in all colour laser printers & colour copiers. Ideal for producing photo quality, high impact images

    Image Digicolor Gloss (9 Products)

    Image Digicolor Gloss is a smooth, bright white, high bulk paper and board range, that has been specially designed for very high-quality
    digital printing on dry toner digital presses. Also available in silk.