Invercote G (5 Products)

    Invercote G is a one-sided solid bleached board with an ultra smooth surface. This product is designed for graphical products and prestige packaging where an exceptional aesthetic result is desired.

    Invercote Creato (2 Products)

    Invercote Creato is a two-sided, multi-layered solid bleached board. With its super smooth surface,this product is ideal for the packaging of luxury products.

    MetaliK (9 Products)

    MetaliK is an innovative range of 330gsm graphical boards, with 3 stunning metallic finishes, suitable for dry toner printing devices. Available in Gold, Silver or Copper metallic surfaces with a graphical board substrate, both of which surfaces are printable. This highly reflective metallic finish, in combination with the right artwork, gives the most stunning effects. MetaliK really offers something very new and exciting to our digital dry toner customers looking to create the most eye catching solutions for their customers. Ideal for producing eye-catching packaging and a vast range of graphical applications.