A 4 Stars “Green Star System” product means it is FSC® or PEFC™ certified, or made from min. 50% recycled fibres, and it is produced from a ISO 14001 and/or EU Ecolabel mill. To learn more, click on logo. XEROX SYMPHONY MID

Xerox Symphony Mid tinted paper consists of a selection of high-quality papers in a mid-tone palette, very useful to brighten up any type of documents, from flyers to presentations. For office use, these mid tinted papers can help differentiate types of information within business reports, employee training manuals or product catalogues, highlight appointments and tasks in personal calendars and agendas. Also suitable for schools and Arts & Craft projects. The Xerox Symphony range of mid coloured papers contain non-toxic chemicals and feature superb colour uniformity, a smooth surface for maximum ink retention, and excellent opacity to achieve a brilliant and durable finish. High opacity means that it is possible to print on both sides of the sheet without experiencing any transparency (known also as duplex printing, such process needs compatible printer to work). Xerox Symphony Mid tinted papers are designed for trouble-free high-speed printing and to work flawlessly with laser, inkjet printers or copiers. This Xerox Symphony range is available in a choice of colours and paper weights. PEFC accredited, ECU Ecolabel certified. 100% recyclable.

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- Bleach type ECF

- Wide range of colours

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Xerox Symphony Pefc2 A4 210x297 mm 160gm2 Mid Lilac Pack Of 250 003r93220

[+] [-]

£ 83.84
/1000 Sheet(s)


Xerox Symphony Pefc2 A4 210x297 mm 80gm2 Mid Lilac Pack Of 500 003r93969

[+] [-]

£ 35.28
/1000 Sheet(s)


Xerox Symphony Pefc2 A4 210x297 mm 80gm2 Mid Blue Pack Of 500 003r93968

[+] [-]

£ 35.28
/1000 Sheet(s)


Xerox Symphony Pefc2 A4 210x297 mm 80gm2 Mid Green Pack Of 500 003r93966

[+] [-]

£ 35.28
/1000 Sheet(s)

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