Xerox® Pure and Xerox ® recycled are exceptional papers, both are made from 100% post consumer waste and the original fibre has been de-inked without the addition of bleach or optical brightening agents (OBA'S). The resulting products reatin a low whiteness natural shade and wrapped in recyclable material further elevating their enviromental credentials. Both are suitable for copying, laser and inkjet printing.

    Xerox Recycled (6 Products)

    Xerox Recycled is an 80gms off-white multipurpose paper made from 100% post-customer waste (PCW). It is designed for mono laser printers, suitable for single sided colour printing with inkjet printers and perfect for everyday use at home and in the office - ideal for printing emails, memos and reports. Xerox 100% performance guaranteed. This Xerox Recycled paper is de-inked without bleaching, free from optical brightening agents (OBA), and it has been awarded the Blue Angel accreditation for environmentally-friendly products. Xerox Recycled is available in a choice of sizes and colours.

    Xerox Recycled Pure (2 Products)

    Xerox Recycled Pure is an 80gms mid paper made from 100% Recycled Cellular Fibre (RCF), designed for use with mono inkjet and laser printers, suitable for double-sided prints (also known as duplex printing) and perfect for everyday printing at home or in the office - typical applications can comprehend e.g. presentations, diagrams, or memos. This Xerox paper delivers excellent runability on large volumes, thanks to its great opacity and it is Xerox 100% performance guaranteed. Xerox Recycled Pure is a post-consumer waste paper, de-inked without bleaching, free from optical brightening agents (OBA), and EU Ecolabel certified. The Xerox Recycled Pure paper is available in a choice of sizes.