A range of project books for primary school use

    Rhino Project Books (23 Products)

    A handy choice of Rhino education-standard project books designed for primary school use. For young students, project books (also known as rough books) are ideal for checking and amending notes, science exercises, maths calculations, draft compositions or rough translations, before this work is copied into the main notebook for teachers to mark. Primary school students can also use these rough books to draw doodles or sketches for their art assessments, whilst to teachers these workbooks are perfect for listing current and planned school projects, or to catch important topics and notes for use as future reference in lessons and classrooms. This range of Rhino project books is printed using environmentally friendly, solvent-free, water-based inks and 100% recyclable. Made of smooth white paper, each project book contains 32 pages as standard quantity. This Rhino stationery assortment is available in a variety of formats, sizes, paper weights, colours and page setups.