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A comprehensive range of wide format digital print media and inks, ideally suited to the many different OEM technologies.

Xerox Blue Back Outdoor Paper (1 Products)

Outdoor poster paper, fully tested and approved for billboard applications. Outdoor life expectancy of 3 months unlaminated. The blue back prevents show through from imaging on the surface to which the poster is applied. Also suitable as an economical base for general posters and signs.

Xerox Economy Banner Mesh (PVC Lined) (0 Products)

Economical vinyl-coated, woven polyester mesh: The graphic is presented on 85% of the surface, with 15% open for view-through or transmission of light. The open mesh also helps panels stay in place in wind or moving air. An easily removable backing liner absorbs surplus ink and ensures reliable passage of this media through the printer

Xerox Economy Banner Vinyl (1 Products)

Mid-weight laminated vinyl with a bright white print surface, a flexible, water and tear resistant general purpose base for banner and display applications, front- or back- lit, indoor, and short-term outdoor applications. Excellent durability at an economical price. Print surfaces is a non-glare matt capable of excellent image quality. Suitable for all the normal banner finishing processes such as welding.

Xerox Light Stop Display Film (0 Products)

Light-block polyester material for production of premium display stands on Solvent printers. Optimum ridgity for minimising edge curl. High white front with light-block anti-static grey back.

Xerox Photo Paper Gloss / Satin (3 Products)

High quality, quick drying paper suitable for superior photo and POS work.