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The Xerox Premium NeverTear extended range covers various different grades of finishes, tints and pre-scored/pre-cut converted products. Combined with strength and durability as well as superb print quality, these products not only look good, but wear well during application.

Xerox Premium NeverTear Light Frost Finish (7 Products)

The Xerox Premium NeverTear Light Frost Finish is a range of light frost material for covers and point of sale applications.

Xerox Premium NeverTear Backlit (3 Products)

This is a range of backlit grades for light box and general point of sale applications. They produce a subtle and diffused light effect through a light frost finish.

Xerox Premium NeverTear Tints (70 Products)

A range of tints in popular primary and pastel colours in 120 and 130 micron. Highly suitable for eye-catching point of sale and small format signage.

Xerox Premium NeverTear Gloss/Matt (3 Products)

The Xerox Premium NeverTear Gloss/Matt range is available as one side gloss and the other side as a matt finish. Perfect for colour imagery on one side, and text on the other side of the material.

Xerox Premium NeverTear Luggage Tags (2 Products)

A perforated luggage tag product. Simply print and pull out; no finishing required.