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This brand is rated with no stars in the Green Star System. The wood fibre used originates from legally harvested forests, and the manufacturer is not operating an environmental management system certified to either the ISO14001 or EU Ecolabel standard, to learn more, click on logo. XEROX PERFORMANCE NEVERTEAR RANGE

Xerox Performance NeverTear is a durable and dry toner printable synthetic. It combines both flexibility and conformability when used in a variety of applications. It is also fully recyclable with other forms of PE and PP packaging.
Print test trials are always recommended. Please contact your sales office for further information

Key Features
- High durability
- Superb print quality
- Water resistant
- Tear resistant

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Xerox Premium Nevertear Butterfly Cards A4 210x297mm 195mic/260gm2 100pk 007r92816

£ 1,630.74
/1000 Sheet(s)

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