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Card solutions which ensure your message stays in your customer's wallet! Available in a range of synthetic and papercard types, with different configurations of card positions.
There are also various styles of lamination to suit both processing and cost requirements.

    Xerox DocuCard (0 Products)

    Xerox - Xerox DocuCard

    The Xerox DocuCard is a premium solution suitable for both mono and colour digital printing.
    Xerox qualified 120gsm base sheet and a 178 micron synthetic card. The card itself is waterproof, tear-proof and highly durable making it suitable for membership cards, identification cards and loyalty cards where durability and a professional look are key factors. The card measures 86 mm x 54 mm.

    Xerox ValuPeelCard (1 Products)

    The Xerox ValuPeelCard is a card solution with a true integrated card construction. This card solution provides for an easy to print, clean release card with a durable laminate plastic backing.

    Xerox ValuPerfCard (0 Products)

    The Xerox ValuPerfCard is a very versatile ID card solution. Micro-perforations allow for easy card removal and the cleanest edge possible. The most economical card solution consisting of a micro perforated card integrated into the carrier sheet.
    This solution can be printed duplex on your digital printer.

    Xerox Business cards (0 Products)

    Business Cards can be produced on-demand with no extra finishing required, and the ability to customise your message on both front and back. 10 Business cards per A4 sheet, ready to print, peel off and use.