Xerox Documagnet vel met voorbeeld


Create magnetic items to get your message across. Suitable for digital production presses.

    Xerox DocuMagnet (0 Products)

    DocuMagnet is one of several magnetic media products specifically designed for your high-speed laser applications. This unique product combines a 54mm x 86mm magnet integrated into an A4 coated or uncoated carrier sheet. It is available in a standard 1 up configuration only.

    Xerox UltraMagnet (0 Products)

    The Xerox UltraMagnet is an unmagnetised, cut-sheet solution with a glossy coated paper facesheet which can be used to produce customised, multi-up, personalised magnets. This product provides an unprecedented amount of flexibility and creativity allowing on-demand and short run production of direct mail and promotional advertising magnets.

    Xerox Magnetiser (0 Products)

    Hand operated magnetiser, easy to use roller design. Recommended for magnetising small numbers of pre printed sheets.