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Xerox - Gamme Xerox Create


The Xerox Create range allows you to digitally print bespoke and personalised items, such as boutique bags, mouse mats, folders and more. This is done by using pre-converted sheets of Xerox Colour Impressions and inserting them into recyclable polypropylene based bodies. The finished product can be used to support events, exhibitions and other business activities. One of the main benefits of these products is that each one can be re-used over and over again, by simply changing the cover. Document storage solutions can also be found within the range.

Xerox Create range Boutique Bags (5 Products)

Frosted bags with rope handles. Supplied with pre-scored & die cut inserts for instant personalisation.
Extra inserts for the bags can also be purchased here.

Xerox Create range Mouse Mat / Desk Mat (2 Products)

High quality mouse and desk mats with full size display area and adhesive closure.

Xerox Create range A4 Folders and Ring Binders (7 Products)

Flat A4 Folders & Ring Binders created for inserting printed A4 sheets to the front covers. In the case of the Ring Binders, the spine can also be personalised.

Xerox Create range Box Files (1 Products)

A4 Box Files with internal pockets to display printed sheets to the front covers and spines.

Xerox Create range Coil Wiro Cover (1 Products)

A4 Polypropylene coil/wiro covers with pockets to inside fronts. These display printed inserts to front covers and spines, and are ready to be punched with A4 Documents to create stunning & professional presentations, for a wide variety of uses.