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This brand is rated with no stars in the Green Star System. The wood fibre used originates from legally harvested forests, and the manufacturer is not operating an environmental management system certified to either the ISO14001 or EU Ecolabel standard, to learn more, click on logo. XEROX TRANSLUCENT PAPER

Xerox Translucent Paper prevents product loss by effectively protecting packed materials against physical damage, contamination and light. Product information can be printed directly onto the surface of the board. This information can be generic or personalised and offers a clear opportunity for branding. The smoothness and brightness provide excellent print results.

Key Features
Easily blends into background
Matt surface does not produce any reflective glare

Packing and
range options

Suitable for

End of life

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Xerox Translucent Paper 135gm2 SRA3 007r99402 Pack 250

£ 256.18
/1000 Sheet(s)


Xerox Translucent Paper 105gsm SRA3 007r96577 250 Sh

£ 199.24
/1000 Sheet(s)

End of life