A range of 3L office accessories, including the most popular items for general office use.

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    A range of office accessories, including media rolls, invoicing paper and payslips.

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    3L self-laminating cards are ideal to protect valuable documents and photos from dust, dirt or degradation without the need of a laminating machine - perfect for ID and business cards, or small signs. The documents are cold laminated (no tools are required) and the procedure is totally safe, quick and easy: just insert the document in the 3L card of the right size and then simply seal the card around it. These 3L cold laminating pouches do not ruin the material protected, and they will also offer a professional look to any documents and photographs they are used with. These 3L laminating cards are made of a rigid PET foil combined with self-adhesive PP foil (the product is therefore environmentally friendly, Polypropylene contains no plasticizers) and the self-adhesive has been specifically designed for long life, ideal for archival applications. Cold laminate everything, from business cards to small pictures, with these 3L self-laminating cards, available in a selection of sizes.

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    Flip Charts for school, college and office use