A broad range of home and office multipurpose white papers made from 100% Recycled Cellular Fibre (RCF) or 100% post-consumer waste (PCW), designed for mono laser and inkjet printers - suitable for duplex (double sided printing) with compatible machines. Also perfect for everyday use at home. These papers are environmentally friendly, FSC® and EU Ecolabel certified. Available in a selection of brands, sizes, weights and colours.

    Premium (4 Products)

    Our range of Premium recycled papers features two products, Xerox Recycled Supreme 100% recycled and Image Bright White recycled. As the name suggests both are made from 100% post consumer waste yet retain the look and performance of a premium paper. Both are FSC acreditted with The Xerox Recycled Supreme benefitting from the addition of colorlok (r) technology and Carbon neutral status. Both are perfect for your office documents and external communications. Choose either product if you want a high quality 100% receycled and certified office paper

    Standard Recycled (8 Products)

    Xerox® Pure and Xerox ® recycled are exceptional papers, both are made from 100% post consumer waste and the original fibre has been de-inked without the addition of bleach or optical brightening agents (OBA'S). The resulting products reatin a low whiteness natural shade and wrapped in recyclable material further elevating their enviromental credentials. Both are suitable for copying, laser and inkjet printing.

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