A range of high-quality premium office papers for use with all printers and offset applications - guaranteed to deliver reliable and consistent performances page after page, saving money and time. Designed for trouble-free performances and to avoid paper jams during high volume printing, these papers are also suitable for double sided (or duplex) printing with compatible printers. This range is great for reproducing business memos, notes, reports, or email attachments, and in few cases, it is guaranteed for spot colour laser printing but if you believe that your business needs to create something more professional like company brochures and presentations, then the ColorLok® paper, which has been optimised for inkjet printers and engineered to offer more saturated colours and bolder blacks, is the ideal choice. Environmentally friendly, most of these papers are PEFC and FSC® accredited and some of them are also EU Ecolabel certified. This range of office premium papers are available in a selection of brands and in different formats, weights, thicknesses, quantities.

HP Office (2 Products)

HP Office: this reliable, high quality paper is recommended for high volume printing and copying, ideal for laser and inkjet printers. HP Office is suitable for duplex printing with compatible printers - perfect for daily use in the office. The HP Office is designed to avoid paper jams during high speed printing - ideal to save time and money. This HP Home Office paper uses ColorLok® technology to achieve the best possible prints: a special additive has been added to the paper to deliver more saturated colours, bolder blacks, and faster drying times. The HP Office paper is environmentally friendly, accredited with the EU Ecolabel and the FSC® and ECF certifications. Available in a choice of sizes and versions.

Image Business (6 Products)

Image Business: a multifunctional quality white paper, perfect for everyday printing and copying. The Image Business paper is suitable for use with both laser and inkjet printers and also for duplex (double-sided) printing with compatible machines. Image Business is the ideal choice of paper to print documents such as memos, notes and reports, email attachments and its quality is not affected by the use of single block of colours in documents like presentations - Image Business is guaranteed for spot colour laser and inkjet printing. The Image Business paper is environmentally friendly, being awarded with the EU Ecolabel and also FSC® and ECF certified. Image Business is available in a choice of sizes, weights and versions for any office requirement.

Xerox Digital Paper (2 Products)

Xerox Digital is a high white multipurpose premium paper, 100% Xerox guaranteed to give excellent results in laser printers and copiers, ideal for printouts and mailing applications and suitable for high volume and double-sided printing. The smooth finish offers reliable performance and reduce jams – perfect to save money and time. Xerox Digital paper is engineered using ColorLok® technology, to deliver the best possible digital prints: more saturated colours, bolder blacks, and faster drying times. Xerox Digital is also environmentally friendly with EU Ecolabel and FSC® certifications. Available in a choice of sizes.

Xerox Premier (9 Products)

Xerox Premier: a high opacity, smooth finish paper perfect for providing sharp a contrast to printed text. Designed for use with both mono inkjets and laser printers, this Xerox Premier is ideal for double-sided printing and it is suitable for offices and schools as well as home use. The smooth surface of the Xerox Premier offers reliable performance when printing high volumes, reducing jams - great for saving money. If you are looking for a paper that offers good balance between quality and price, Xerox 100% performance guaranteed, then this Xerox Premier paper is what you are looking for. Xerox Premier is environmentally friendly, FSC® and EU Ecolabel certified, plus PEFC accredited. Xerox Premium Paper is available in different sizes, formats and weights.

HP Everyday (2 Products)

HP Everyday is a 75gsm paper, lighter and whiter than standard office papers and yet it still provides a rigid, solid feel. This HP multifunctional paper is ideal for daily use: HP Everyday has been optimised to offer excellent results with both inkjet and laser printers, and it is suitable for office and home use. Thanks to HP Colorlok® technology, colours are 25% brighter, blacks are 16% bolder and the ink dries faster to make HP Everyday paper really economical and very cost-effective when utilised for printing large volumes especially with inkjet printers. HP Everyday is the perfect choice of paper when looking for quality, reliability and sustainability. FSC Certified .