Papier de bureau premium


High White, smooth paper for business presentations or your company letterhead

Image Impact (8 Products)

Image Impact is FSC accredited for sustainability, is guaranteed for 200 years + for archiving, and has built in ColorLok Technology (up to 160 gsm) for great print results. It’s a premium, high white quality paper guaranteed for colour work on laser and inkjet printers, and copiers.

Xerox Exclusive (0 Products)

Xerox Exclusive is the benchmark paper for printing prestigious documents such as proposals, legal correspondence, letterheads, and presentations. The excellent bulk, stiffness, and very high whiteness of Xerox Exclusive are all features which give a professional and high value look to your documents

Pioneer (12 Products)

Papier de bureau premium - Pioneer

Pioneer is a premium, high white office paper that will really create an impact and is guaranteed for colour work on laser and inkjet printers and copiers. It is ideal for important communications, including colour presentations, reports and corporate stationery, ensuring you make the right impression at all times

Data Copy (8 Products)

Office et Reprographie - Data Copy Everyday Printing

Paper you can trust. A smooth and versatile white paper, ideal for text and graphics; for your use on all office equipment. FSC ®certified.

Conqueror CX22 Office (2 Products)

Logo Conqueror

Ultra-smooth and lustrous, Conqueror CX22’s low-friction surface produces a high-definition print result