3M Scotch tape


3M quality tapes in clear or brown for a variety of household and industrial packaging uses

    3M Polypropylene Hand Tapes (13 Products)

    3M Scotch PP tape handmatig

    General purpose BOPP 28 micron box sealing tape with good adhesion. Consistent and reliable performance in a wide range of environments and applications.

    Scotch Paper Tape (0 Products)

    A clear, strong Cellulose film release coated for easy unwind and with a high tack adhesive.

    3M Filament Adhesive Tape (3 Products)

    A range of tapes which are reinforced with crossweave fibers allowing for outstanding strength when sealing or bundling.

    3M Adhesive Transfer Tape (1 Products)

    Our general purpose Adhesive Transfer Tape is perfect for bonding to paper and card.