A range of tapes offering everything you need to make sure goods are well protected at every stage of their journey. Whether you need a standard box sealing tape, a technical tape or glue, Antalis can provide the right solution. Our range includes Vinyl (PVC) or Polypropylene (PP) carrier tapes with various adhesive options including acrylic, hotmelt and solvent - for a variety of uses, and environments - made from a selection of materials – there is a solution for every need, including environmentally friendly options too!

Type of use and environment – identify whether you’re needing super-strength to hold a seal for years, or if it is short-lived; or perhaps you need to put it in the freezer or use in a hot, moist environment; And likewise, is it to be used as a warning and needs to be easily seen, or is it to be discretely blended on the back of a photo frame. Perhaps you’re looking for book binding tape or something with rip-proof capabilities such as a cross weave filament tape.

Type of adhesive – Solvent is a natural rubber for sealing medium to heavy loads and is temperature resistant; Hotmelt is known as synthetic rubber suitable for general applications; and Acrylic is a water based adhesive works best for sticking polythene.

Tapes and glues can be used manually or from a manual or automatic dispenser – choose the right one for your requirements.

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Master'in Tapes (23 Products)

Master’in is Antalis’ own international packaging brand, with the ‘Performance’ sub-brand offering the right mix of performance and price for everyday use, and ‘Access’ offering the essentials at accessible prices, without reducing the quality.

Master'in tapes are available with a variety of base substrates, print capabilities, adhesives, colours, noise qualities and pack sizes, used for sealing and sticking, preventing pilferage, loss and dust penetration.

Masterline Tapes (5 Products)

Our range of quality Masterline Tapes more than meet the standards you require.

Sub-families & Products

3M Tapes (15 Products)

3M tapes – a quality range of adhesive tapes for a variety of uses. Available in a selection of colours, materials, lengths and adhesive type.

General purpose polypropylene tape is great for sealing boxes, offering a consistent and reliable performance in a wide range of environments.

Whereas 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape is perfect for bonding to paper and card. And 3M Filament Adhesive Tape offers a superior strength thanks to the cross weave fibres within its structure making it tear and burst resistant – ideal for securing boxes with heavy contents, or where the boxes will be stored for a longer duration than normal.

Standard Packaging Tapes (16 Products)

A selection of adhesive packaging tapes suitable for a variety of uses, the most popular of which is used for the sealing of containers, cartons and cardboard boxes. But don’t let us restrict you! Made from Polypropylene (PP), they are available in a range of standard and bright colours, and offer low noise or regular as an option.

Sub-families & Products

Printed Adhesive Tapes (5 Products)

A range of printed warning tapes designed to alert handlers of box contents and special handling and storage requirements, across a wide variety of environments. Based on a polypropylene carrier (PP) with red text on a white background, there is a range of text, lengths, widths and pack sizes to suit.

Sub-families & Products