A range of gummed and self-adhesive paper and filmatic tapes for sealing, masking and identification, as well as a selection of more specialised tapes.

Masterline Tapes (12 Products)

Our range of quality Masterline Tapes more than meet the standards you require.

Sub-families & Products

3M Tapes (17 Products)

3M quality tapes in clear or brown for a variety of household and industrial packaging uses

Standard Packaging Tapes (14 Products)

A huge choice of adhesive packing tapes, the most common of which is used for sealing containers and cardboard boxes

Sub-families & Products

Printed Adhesive Tapes (8 Products)

A printed polypropylene packaging tape for box sealing and identification.

Sub-families & Products

Technical Tapes (19 Products)

Apart from our range of standard adhesive tapes, we also stock a selection of technical adhesive tapes, including reinforced adhesives