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SRA3 (S3) and SRA3+ (S3+) coated and uncoated solid bleached boards for digital printing. All dry toner and HP Indigo approved.

    Invercote G (49 Products)

    Invercote G is a one-sided solid bleached board with an ultra smooth surface. This product is designed for graphical products and prestige packaging where an exceptional aesthetic result is desired.

    Invercote Creato (28 Products)

    Invercote Creato is a two-sided, multi-layered solid bleached board. With its super smooth surface,this product is ideal for the packaging of luxury products.

    Invercote MetalPrint Digital (1 Products)

    Invercote Logo

    Paperboard with an eye-catching silver metallised surface to the print side, great for decorative printings where a luxurious appeal is required. Exceptionally good surface smoothness with the ability to faithfully reproduce the most sophisticated printing images. Invercote Metalprint Digital is especially developed and certified for printing without pre-treatment in the HP Indigo 4-series one shot. Eliminates the need for an additional priming step. Super product for creating luxury packaging or stand-out graphical applications such as cards, book covers, menus, invites, tickets and tags.