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These solid bleached sulphate (SBS) boards are available in an extensive range of sizes and substances. The finish guarantees a product which conforms to the specifications you require, including those times when you are looking for a luxury finish

    SBS - 2 side coated (46 Products)

    Solid bleached sulphate boards which are fully coated on both sides, and ideal for producing high quality print which will be seen from both sides.

    Sub-families & Products

    SBS - 1 side coated (51 Products)

    Solid bleached sulphate boards, which are coated on one side, and ideal for the packaging of luxury products, as well as many other graphical applications

    Sub-families & Products

    SBS - Uncoated (0 Products)

    Solid bleached sulphate boards with a natural uncoated surface. Ideal for a large range of packaging and graphical applications, and when a more tactile end result is desired.

    Sub-families & Products