A wide range of commercial pocket envelopes, suitable for all mailing and budget requirements a business may need. The range includes very cost-effective Opportunity self-seal pocket envelopes, available in a plain format or with window - perfect everyday use and for high volume mailings. Plus, a collection of envelopes from the River Series, with gummed, self-seal and superseal closures, or opaque interior to ensure confidentiality - ideal for general-purpose correspondence, or for posting important documents. This selection of pocket envelopes is available in White or Manilla, in several sizes weights and styles (plain or with window) and in a choice of quantities.

Opportunity Envelopes (3 Products)

Opportunity: a range of cost-effective envelopes at the most competitive price, perfect for everyday use - suitable for homes and offices and ideal for high volume mailings. These Opportunity envelopes are writable with a simple pencil or a pen and they can easily accept address labels; although they can be overprinted by offset printing (offset lithography) pre-test is needed. Opportunity economy envelopes are available in a selection of sizes, weights, colours (Manilla or White), styles (plain or with window), closures (self-seal or gummed) and in various quantities.

River Series Congo (4 Products)

River Series Congo: a range of medium weight, 80gsm Manilla business envelopes, suitable for everyday office and personal use - perfect for sending standard letters and small items. These envelopes are writable with normal pens or pencils, also accept adhesive address labels, and they can be overprinted (by offset printing, or litho-offset) but a pre-test is needed for sure results. River Series Congo envelopes are available in a selection of sizes, styles (plain or with window) and closures (gummed or self-seal). 100% Recycled. PEFC acreditted.

River Series Spey (9 Products)

River Series Spey: white wove envelopes for general correspondence, suitable for home and office use. These River Series Spey self-seal envelopes have a blue opaque interior to keep the content confidential - perfect for personal mailings. Made from 90gsm paper, PEFC certified, River Series Spey envelopes are available in several sizes, and in a choice of styles (Pocket or Wallet, plain or with window) and quantities.

River Series Thames (4 Products)

River Series Thames envelopes are a high white PEFC acreditted range of commercial envelopes, avialble in the most popular office sizes and made from heavyweight 100gsm paper the Thames envelope will ensure your corrrespondence makes a professionsal first impression. The Thames range is avialble in pocket and wallet style with plain and window options included

River Series Tiber (5 Products)

River Series Tiber are basket weave Manilla business envelopes for all general-purpose mailings where strength and security are crucial. These River Series pocket envelopes are made from good 115gsm Manilla paper and suitable for strong, heavyweight use. Addresses can be easily handwritten on these River Series envelopes - or adhesive address labels can be used in alternative: although these envelopes are some grades printable by offset overprinting (or offset lithography) a pre-test is required for sure results. River Series Tiber Manilla envelopes are available with self-seal or “Peel & Seal” closures, and in a choice of different sizes. 100% recycled. PEFC certified.