This extensive range of business envelopes, in a wide array of sizes, colours, shapes, styles, closures and weights, is perfect to suit all your mailing and budget requirements. From wallet envelopes, with the opening along the long edge and squarer flaps, to traditional pocket envelopes - with openings along the short edges. Autofill envelopes - specially designed with external seams for trouble-free use with high speed mailing machines. Extremely cost-effective, for high volumes and everyday use, are the Opportunity’s economy envelopes, available in plain format or with windows. The offer includes Board backed envelopes, printed with " PLEASE DO NOT BEND” on the front, ideal to offer additional rigidity and increased protection to your valuable documents. River series envelopes, for general-purpose correspondence, featuring a blue honeycomb opaque interior to ensure confidentiality. To send bulkier items, the range comprehends a selection of strong and flexible gusset envelopes, with expanding side and extra length flaps. And for holding wages, club fees and much more, an assortment of environmentally friendly Manilla envelopes, 100% recycled and PEFC certified.

Wallet (37 Products)

A wide range of commercial wallet envelopes, with opening along the long or the short edge, in a choice of weights, seizes, closures and formats, to cover all the mailing and budget needs that a business requires. The range includes autofill envelopes, with or without a window, specifically designed for trouble-free use with high speed mailing machines; very cost-effective Opportunity self-seal or gummed envelopes, also available in plain format, suitable for high volumes and everyday use. And to completing the range, a collection of envelopes from the River series, ideal for general-purpose correspondence and with a blue honeycomb opaque interior to ensure confidentiality.

Pocket (31 Products)

A wide range of commercial pocket envelopes, suitable for all mailing and budget requirements a business may need. The range includes very cost-effective Opportunity self-seal pocket envelopes, available in a plain format or with window - perfect everyday use and for high volume mailings. Plus, a collection of envelopes from the River Series, with gummed, self-seal and superseal closures, or opaque interior to ensure confidentiality - ideal for general-purpose correspondence, or for posting important documents. This selection of pocket envelopes is available in White or Manilla, in several sizes weights and styles (plain or with window) and in a choice of quantities.

Board Backed (37 Products)

A range of white and Manilla board backed envelopes, for content that need strong protection from bending whilst in transit. These hard envelopes are perfect for mailing valuable documents such as photographs, samples, marketing communications, small brochures and mini catalogues. The board backing offers additional rigidity and protects from folding or creasing. These board backed envelopes, printed with “PLEASE DO NOT BEND” on the front, are available in a choice of sizes, colours (White or Manilla) and with a superseal (“Peal & Seal”) closure.

Gussets (3 Products)

A range of super strong, gusset envelopes with expanding seams and extra length flaps - perfect to send bulky items such as books, or multiple documents, in total security. Made of 120gsm strong Manilla paper for additional strength, capable to resist the postal process, these envelopes are available in a selection of sizes. 100% recycled.

Sub-families & Products

Wages Envelope (4 Products)

A range of Manilla envelopes suitable for holding most common payments such as staff wages or payslips. These wage envelopes are available in a choice styles, and in different sizes, weights and closures.

Sub-families & Products